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Healthcare Directives
Guests: Dawn Fransen LSW Admissions Coordinator Rice Care Center Lori Wilson LSW Medical Social Worker Care Management

(aired on Saturday, October 13th)

Children and Obesity
Guest: Dr. Michael Bateman, Pediatrician at ACMC, talked about the factors that contribute to overweight children and how parents and society can help slow the trend.
(aired on Saturday, October 6th)

Is grief a normal part of life?
Guest: Brenda Wiese, Coordinator of The Grief Center at Rice talked about grief and loss as well as how to recognize and cope with issues involved in the process of grieving and healing.
(aired on Saturday, September 29th)

What You Can Do to Prevent Falls in Our Community
Guests: Lynn Stier, Director of Rice Rehabilitation Center, and, Brad Hanson, Manager of Willmar Ambulance.
(aired on Saturday, September 22nd)

Oh, Baby! Newborn Wellness Care
Guest: Jan Maxfield, RN, Director of Women and Children's Care, talked about things new parents can expect when baby is on the way and on the way home.
(aired on Saturday, September 15th)

Diagnosing and Treating Sleep Disorders
Guest: Meghna Mansukhani, MD, Affiliated Community Medical Centers
(aired on Saturday, September 8th)

Respiratory Care - Making Every Breath Count
Guest: Merlin Beninga, RT, Respitory Therapist, Respiratory Care at Rice.
(aired on Saturday, September 1st)

Exercise Strategies for Success
Guest: Randy Kobienia, EP,CES, RCEP, Exercise Physiologist, Rice Cardiac Rehab, gave us tips for starting an exercising program or mixing up an existing program.
(aired on Saturday, August 25th)

Advanced Practice Nursing
Guest: Cathy Moe, APRN-BC, CWOCN, Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurse, Rice Hospital.
(aired on Saturday, August 18th)

The Highs and Lows of Blood Pressure
Guest: Roxie Covert, RNC, Rice Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation.
(aired on Saturday, August 11th)

Respiratory Care: Tests and Treatments for Breathing Disorders
Guest: Dean Boike, RT, Respiratory Therapist, Rice Memorial Hospital.
(aired on Saturday, August 4th)

Treatments for Severe Headaches
Guests: Nikki Hjelden and Jenny Iverson, Physical Therapists at Rice Rehab Center, talked about the physical therapy treatments available for people suffering from severe headaches, migraines, or TMJ.
(aired on Saturday, July 28th)

Suicide Awareness & Intervention
Guest: Mary Kjolsing, Director of Rice Institute for Counseling and Education, talked about the warning signs for suicide and what to do when they appear.
(aired on Saturday, July 21st)

Oh, Baby! Newborn Wellness Care
Guest: Jan Maxfield, RN, Director of Women and Children's Care, talked about things new parents can expect when baby is on the way and on the way home.
(aired on Saturday, July 14th)

All About Cholesterol
Guest: Kellie Prentice, RNC, CDE, Rice Cardiac Rehab, talked about cholesterol - how to raise the good cholesterol and lower the bad. (Aired Saturday, July 7th)

A Day in the Life of a Paramedic
Guest: Carrie Yungerberg, Willmar Ambulance Service.
(aired on Saturday, June 30th)

Dental Health Care
Guest: Dr. Linda Jackson, Director of Rice Regional Dental Clinic
(aired on Saturday, June 23rd)

Food & Drug Interactions
Guest: Carnie Allex, PharmD, Director of Rice Pharmacy
(aired on Saturday, June 16th)

Helping kids reach their potential
Guests: Kristen Thaden, Speech Therapist, Rice Rehab Center, and Sarah Tanner, Occupational Therapist, Rice Rehab Center, talked about speech, physical, and occupational therapies available to help kids who have difficulty making childhood milestone markers reach their full personal potential.
(aired on Saturday, June 9th)

Nutrition Facts - How to read labels
Guest: Jacinta Krych, RD Registered Dietitian Rice Memorial Hospital. Confused by Nutrition labels? Join in as we fill you in on what they mean.

(aired on Saturday, June 2)

Food portions & serving sizes
(aired on Saturday, May 26)

Prostate and bladder health
(aired on Saturday, May 19)

Preparing for emergencies
Guest: Brad Hanson
(aired on Saturday, May 12)

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